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Area Rug

Our uniquely designed and environmentally responsible collections will contribute to the style and grace of homes for years to come. Give your home the latest looks in color and fashion with our wide array of area rugs to choose from. There are many things to consider when buying an area rug to best compliment your room.


We have some tips on here that we can expand upon to create the best combination of creating the look and feel that you want while keeping practicality in mind.


Color: As a general rule, lighter colored rugs create more of a sense of openness with an airy feeling while darker colors will pull the room together and create a more intimate feeling.


Pattern: Depending on the desired outcome, a rug can become the focal point of a room by incorporating bold colors or ornate designs. However, if you want the rug to simply add to the décor without becoming a piece or art in itself, it is best to chose a solid color or very simple pattern that will compliment the existing design features.


Durability: If you have little ones or pets running in and out of the room that you are looking to place a rug in, the best options would be darker, solid colors. However if the room is less traveled, there are also many options that create a very elegant feel while still maintaining durability.

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