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Say "Hi" to Dave:

Dave Johnson has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur. He also has over forty years of home improvement experience. Dave previously worked for several home improvement companies both selling kitchen and bath supplies in addition to installing them.


What led him to start his own business was a frustration with the impersonal process of remodeling jobs. Dave felt it should be all about the customer with an attention to detail to give them what they really wanted, so he created a company that does just that. He currently lives in Milwaukee and has two daughters, a 2-year old grandson, and another grandson on the way.


Dave is involved in the community with the desire to give back to the community in various ways. He has decades of involvement in programs such as 4-H, that helps to guide our youth, as well as leading groups that bring the community together, such as group meetings of people who share these same aspirations.


All of these experiences have given him a great deal of compassion that shines through in his work as well.


Did you know...

 If you call and ask for Dave you'll get the right person.